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Welcome to CharlieDuke.Net!

Hello, I'm Charlie Duke

As an American, it was my honor to serve my country by going to the moon aboard Apollo 16 and becoming the 10th man to walk on the lunar surface.

We can all share in the accomplishments of the Apollo program, just as we shared that special moment when on July 20th, 1969, we watched the televised pictures of the Commander of Apollo 11, Neil Armstrong, as he took his "...giant leap for mankind."

Thank you for visiting my web site. We are gradually adding content and memorabilia, so you can expect more each visit. Please enjoy the Media Library, as there are nearly two hours of wonderful video to watch - and to experience the journey of my life.

To watch a 3 minute web site tour and a feature spot for Mitsubishi in Australia, click the player below.

click to watch

Astronaut Charlie Duke
Tenth man to walk on the moon

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